Monday, January 5

Yes, I am one of them

I never thought it would happen to me. I am a Mom, I am old; well not that old but old enough to know better. I work full time, I don't have time for things like this. Really I don't. Most of the time I can't find enough time in the day to work, cook, clean and get the kids to school. Then the company I work for decided that the holidays would be a great time to give us two weeks vacations. Two weeks during which you are not expected to check voice mail, don't even think about logging into e-mail and DO NOT think about work. I thought about all the things I could do... clean the house, bake, hang out with the kids and maybe just maybe read A book. Just one. I could do it. I had two weeks and during one of those weeks I would be in Lake Tahoe with no house to clean, nothing to be done but relax.

One of my friends mention this amazing series she was reading. She was obsessed. No one heard from her in days. She knew I would love it. So I did it. I borrowed "Twilight" from my Mom and I started reading it on Dec 23rd and I also got the flu. I read as much as I could between running to the bathroom. I was hooked. I had to know what happened next. The next two days my quiet time was limited with 20 people in the house but a interesting thing happened. Two more books in the series showed up under the tree.

I left for Tahoe on the 26th with books 1,2 and 3 determined to read them all. Did I mention that each book was at least 500 pages... at least. When I got to our destination I realized I really had books 1,2 and 4. What in the world was I going to do. I finished book 1 and started book 2 and knew I could not make it through the week without finding book 3. And this is where it got a little crazy... just ask my husband. I took K out for a drive through two states and 10 stores to find Eclipse. It was no where to be found. I was going crazy. The next day I begged Hubby to drive 30 minutes to a town that actually had a Target and a Borders. I HAD to find the book. Thank goodness the hubby loves me and knows how much I would have nagged if I didn't find the book.

I spent the rest of the week finishing all 4 books. Yes I read 4 books in a little over a week. I couldn't put them down. I had to know if Edward came back, I had to know what happened to Bella, I wanted Alice to be my BFF and yes I am now on a first name basis with the characters.

I am now what they call a

My goal is to convince everyone I know to join me and don't think I don't have selfish reasons. I need someone to go see the movie with me. I need to talk about the book and the movies. I can't get enough! This is so unlike me. I am even going to re-read the books. Seriously I have never done that before.

The bottom line is:


Mom To Three said...

I want Alice as my bff too! Brandy is a crack dealer. I'm just sayin'.

Penelope said...

You have convinced me that I really need to start reading this series.