Saturday, January 24

Kids Central Kitchen

Next up Mom Fuse arranged for us to try some baking mixes from Kids Central Kitchen.

From their website Kids Central Kitchen-

We offer natural, whole grain baking mixes for today’s active kids and their families! Also enjoy a fun and colorful selection of children’s cooking utensils, baking pans, mixing bowls, cookie cutters, sprinkles, chef hats, aprons, party favors, baking gift sets and other fun baking supplies.Our mixes are easy to make! NO trans fats, NO hydrogenated oils, NO high fructose corn syrup and NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Even low fat, low cholesterol and vegan recipes are available. Simple ingredients make simply delicious wholesome snacks for your family!

Our baking mixes are carefully prepared and packaged in the U.S.A.

There is a lot about that paragraph that I like. Did you see how healthy these mixes are? We received Snow Angel Sugar Cookie, Swinging Monkey Banana Bread, Flip Flop Flapjacks Pancake Mix and a kid’s chef hat – so cute! This weekend Nana was here so K decided that she wanted to make Nana breakfast. I was surprised at how simple these were to make. All we needed was water, milk, non fat plain yogurt and the mix.
I let K mix everything herself and she had so much fun playing chef.

Mom took over when it was time to cook the pancakes. They look delicious!
The box said it would make 21 small pancakes but I was able to make 14 medium size pancakes. Plenty for us. They were REALLY good. My daughter asked for more, my 2 year old ate 4 yes 4 pancakes… he is a growing boy. Nana even had seconds. They were a huge hit. My only recommendation is that you read the directions as soon as you get this mixes. I found that the pancake mix wasn’t something I could just make the day after I got them because plain non fat yogurt is not something I keep in my frig so I had to wait until the next time I went to the store.

I can’t wait to try their cookie mixes, they look amazing. The thing I like best about this line of products is that it is something I don’t have to think twice about giving my kids. I could pronounce every ingredient on the back, they are healthy AND they taste good.

If you go out to the website check out their
baking kits – what a great idea!

Thank you
Kids Central Kitchen and Mom Fuse.