Sunday, January 4

Helpful Hallies - Mighty Miracle Mist

A product that I recently reviewed was Helpful Hallies Mighty Miracle Mist. A description from their website:
"Mighty Miracle Mist is a tool
that helps positively redirect young children to behave appropriately. It is a
4-pack of unscented, water-based sprays that includes: Cooperation &
Sharing, Kind Voice & Good Manners, Good Thinking & Pay Attention and
Good Night.

It works much like the concept of "Santa is
watching"... with the power of suggestion. When a child exhibits
inappropriate behavior, choose the corresponding bottle and mist the room.
Let child know the room is now sprayed for "Cooperation" or whichever behavior
you are trying to redirect. It's so much fun for kids that they want to
behave just so they can use it".
I introduced it to both of my kids but knew right away the 2 year wasn't going to understand but he wants to do everything his sister does so I made sure to keep him involved. The concept is great. This coming from a Mom who tells her kids that yes, smoke alarms are really Santa's cameras and when then are blinking that means he is watching.

The first night we tried the mists I squirted them in the air and the kids ran through. My 5 year old, K said "I feel like I have good manners now!" The first day seemed to work really well. The second day we tried the Paying Attention spray and she said she didn't think that one works on her. That night she reminded me that she needed a little help going to sleep so we sprayed the Good Night spray.

I was very consistent in using the product for five days and to be honest it had it's moments. There were times when K just knew the Miracle Mist was working and their when times when she wasn't buying it at all.

I wish that the sprays had a little more to it. Maybe a scent to go with it that lingered in the room to remind her that is had been sprayed and that the positive attitude vibes were soaking in. Like any Future American Idol she was disappointed that the glitter didn't stay on her.

Overall the one that has worked best for us in the Good Night spray. When it's been a rough day and K needs that little push to stay in bed I pull out the Might Miracle Mist and it's just that little extra comfort she needs.