Friday, January 23

Parking Pal

This is one of those things that I should have thought of and that I would have loved to have had a couple years ago when my son was 1st born.

Since my daughter was old enough to walk we have always had a saying, “One hand on Rocket”. Rocket is our car. She was going through her Little Einstein’s phase when she named our beloved SUV. One hand on rocket meant that she would stand next to me by the car and always have one hand on the car, always touching Rocket. This was especially helpful when her brother was born and getting in and out of the car became a huge ordeal.

The Parking Pal is similar to those magnetic ribbons that you see on the back of cars. It is circle with a fun design and a hand print showing exactly where the kids should keep their hands. The Parking Pal makes “One hand on Rocket” fun for my kids. From their website the Parking Pal is described as:

HOW IT WORKS: Place the Parking Pal on the side of your vehicle, where it will remain safely attached at all times. It was specifically designed with bright colors, playful illustrations, and a small palm children love to place their hands on. After a couple learning sessions, your child will discover that the Parking Pal is their safe spot, and they will know where to go the second they are outside the car. It also helps teach them that parking lots are no place to play.

The first time I put the Parking Pal on the car my daughter asked why I didn’t buy one of these before. The first thing they do when they are out of the car is put on hand on the Parking Pal. I think it would make a great gift especially if you know someone who is having a new baby with an older sibling.

This is a great idea and a great product! Thank you Parking Pal and Mom Fuse.