Monday, January 12

SingStar Vol 2

Those of you who know me in real life know that K, my 5 year old daughter, has a goal in life to be the next American Idol. Since she started talking she was singing. At her Pre-School graduation she was voted most likely to become an American Idol. We are all about music around here which means we love karaoke style games. We have a PlayStation 3 and we have High School Musical, American Idol, and Rock Band 2 singing games.

When we were asked if we would be willing to review SingStar vol 2 my first thought was A PLAYSTATION GAME? You really want to send me a PlayStation game to review? HECK YEAH!

We played SingStar the first night we got it and just about every night since. I LOVE THIS GAME! Oh wait it was supposed to be for K wasn't it?

So here is what I like:

  • The game came with 2 microphones which means Mommy can sing too! It also means no failing and more points so K doesn't think she did that bad. The one thing I really don't like about the other singing games we have is that my perfectionist daughter always feels like a failure when Simon tells her how horrible she is. Maybe at 16 she can handle that but she is 5. We love doing the duets and even Daddy gets to play.
  • The videos! With every song you get to watch the actual video from the song.
  • The parental control. There are a few videos that can be inappropriate for 5 year olds and this game provides you with a means to block them. Love that option.
  • The songs! Most of the songs are recent with some golden oldies that like Pretty Fly for a White Guy, Funky Cold Medina and California Dreaming. I didn't say how old.
  • Download options - I love that you can go online and download more songs. You do have to pay but we can pick songs the kids know which makes it even more fun for the family.

I am really impressed with SingStar vol 2. We have had so much fun playing night after night. And I'll brag a little about my score of over 6,000 points on Beverly Hills. So who's coming over to play??

You can buy SingStar vol 2 here. You better start practicing if you want to beat me.

Thank you Sony and Mom Fuse!