Tuesday, April 14

Wednesday, April 8

You Capture - Week Seven - Fun

This past weekend I took the kiddos home. Well to the place I grew up. The whole weekend I kept thinking - get the FUN shot. So I got a few to share.

On Saturday morning around 7:30am I heard a really loud noise, then I heard it again. I knew exactly what it was from 18 years of living there. I woke the kids up and we rushed into the backyard to find this landing in the field behind my Dad's house.

My kiddos have a picnic at the Lake on a beautiful Northern California day.

My brother and my daughter planting strawberries.

And since I missed last week I had to add my view of Spring from Sonoma County.

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Mee Wee Review

Thanks to Mom Fuse I just had the chance to review Mee Wee Hip Hop for kids.

Mee Wee is designed as "Hop music for elementary school age children". I'll admit I am a fan of hip hop and my itunes library is full of songs that I don't let my kids listen to. Even when listening to the radio I often find myself turning the channel because the lyrics are not appropriate for my 5 and 2 year old.

Mee Wee's songs are catchy and my kiddos caught on really quick. My 5 years can sing almost all the songs and requested them over and over. Especially "Hip-Hop-O-Potamus". I found the songs to be a refreshing change from the same old kids tunes that we have heard over and over again and much more age appropriate then the songs on the radio today. The kids also had a blast dancing to the music.

You can purchase Mee Wee Hip Hop for kids by clicking on the Itunes link on the Mee Wee website.