Monday, January 5

Hotslings for Kids

I have to admit the KidSling was one of those products that made me think, is this really something a kid is going to use? I got my answer in the first 5 minutes after opening the product.

The concept is simple. It's similar to a sling you would carry a baby in but it's for kids to carry their dolls or stuffed animals. We received the Quinn Kid Sling. I love the brown and blue colors. My daughter didn't quiet get it until I put in on and showed her where she could hold her favorite stuff animal. "THIS IS SO COOL MOM" K carried her stuffed Teddy Bear April around all day. She loved that she could have April next to her while still being able to use her hands. She didn't want to take the Kidsling off. The first thing she asked for in the morning was her baby sling to carry April around.

I wish this was something I had for K when her brother was born 2 years ago. I really think she would have loved being able to carry her bear while Mommy was carrying her brother. I think this would make a great Big Sister gift.

We went on vacation the day after Christmas. While packing K got to pick a few toys to bring with her. Her main priority was making sure that April's carrier - her Kidsling was packed so April could go everywhere with us.

Another product that my daughter loved! Thank you Hotslings and Mom Fuse!


Sportzgrl4god said...

What a creative idea to be give for a big sister gift! I think it's really cute and I think my two year old would love it. She loves carrying stuff around in purses and backpacks. I can imagine she'd love to carry her stuffed animals even closer. :)