Tuesday, November 11

What's New - Baggu's

I had a whole shelf in my laundry room that is full of nothing but plastic bags. I have tried reusing them for lunches, cat liter, making kites for the kids but I swear they are like gremlins and they just multiple. I had to get rid of them!

Everywhere you look, at every store you go to you see reusable bags. Bags with ads for the local grocery store, or just plain green or black. I wanted something with a little more color, something that everyone would see and ask "Where did you get those bags?". I was visiting one of my daily Mommy blogs and saw a review for
Baggus. The bright colors immediately caught my eye. Then I saw the price. A little steep for me. Then I went shopping and came home with 25 plastic bags. Yep 25. I only have one cat this plastic bag thing isn't working. So I took a leap, spent the money and bought 6 Baggus in colors like persimmon, saffron, peacock and lime.

I love these things. The colors are great, the are very sturdy and you can fit the contents of at least 3 plastics bags in one Baggu. They each come with a little pocket to store them in. They fit perfectly in your purse so you always have one with you. Every time I pull out my Baggus everyone asks where I got them... just what I wanted.

I use my Baggus for more then just grocery shopping. I take them to the beach, use them to bring in Kindy snack, soccer snack, trick or treat bags, and to carry all those extras you take with you on vacation. I always carry one in my diaper bag and purse because you never know when you are going to need a bag.

A quick tip - when you take your Baggu out of the pocket, put the pocket in the bottom of the bag. That way when you empty your bags you pocket will be right there and you won't lose it... I only lost one before I figured it out.


larajean1 said...

I love my baggus too! I have six and may even order another 3. I have given them as gifts too.