Monday, November 10

Better then sliced bread

My top 5 things I know and love this week in no particular order
Oh TIVO how do I love thee. OK so I don't really have TIVO anymore we have a DVR. OK really we have two DVR's, two HD DVR's but that is all Hubby's doing. What in the world did we do before TIVO? Play outside? Talk? Sleep? Never know what was going on in the Olympics? Watch commericials? Remember when we had to wait until Saturday to watch cartoons, and we had to get UP to change the channels? I remember being home sick and watching 21 Jump Street wishing that there was something that would change channels for me during a commercial. I really think that the dvr is the best invention ever. And yes... I watch way too much TV.

Mr Clean Magic Erasers. These things are amazing. I use them to clean everything and they really do clean almost everything. I have been able to get gum off a wall, sharpie off a dresser, clean my baseboards, and oh my do they work wonders on tile grout. You know I luv you because look - You can get a FREE Mr Clean Magic Eraser

Basin Lip Balm. Not only do I love this product but I love this store. I found it in Downtown Disney in Anaheim. They have the most amazing and creative soaps and bath products. I got the lip balm because it came in the shape of a baseball and you'll soon know I love baseball. Once I started using it I was hooked. The baseball lasted almost a year and I use lip balm ALOT. When we got to Disneyland this year my very 1st stop wasn't Splash Mountain or It's A Small World. It was right to Basin!
Starbucks. I know it's not PC and it's not the best thing to do during an economic crisis, but I LOVE ME SOME STARBUCKS. Did I mention I don't like coffee? I don't know how that works but it does. Peppermint mochas, iced vanilla white mocha and if it comes in the holiday red cup even better. There is just something about stopping by Starbucks on Mon and Thurs that makes my mornings just a little better.

Mommy Blogs - First thing I do in the morning is check CNN. No wait that's probably more like 10th. I don't even know what the weather is going to be like until I check my blogroll. I have a list of blogs that I check daily and a few more that I check when I have time. I feel like I know these women. Like they are speaking to me. I buy products they reccomend, I watch shows they mention, I go to sites they link to and I even cook recipes they list. The Mommy Blog craze is amazing and I love it. On Wedneday I'll even post some of my favorite blogs.


larajean1 said...

I'm loving your blog but I couldn't the the Magic Eraser link or the mommy blog link to work.

Jes said...

Mr clean is fixed! No link for Mommy's blog but on Wednesday I'll have a list!

Mom To Three said...

I love it and I'm so checking out the lip balm!

Just Sue said...

oh oh oh I want some lip balm too!!!