Tuesday, November 18

Clean kisses and huggies

My kiddos have very sensitive skin. We have to be very careful about what we use and always take soap with us when traveling. It's really hard for me to find soap that I like and won't give the kids a rash. I was walking through Target one day (ok so I am almost always walking through Target) when I saw the bright orange packing of Kiss My Face Kids. I read the label and the words "chemical free" and I knew I had to try it. We started off with "a whale of a soap" which are the cutest whale shaped soaps with an amazing orange scent. We have since tried the berry scent too. LOVE this soap! The kids had fun playing with the whale, there were no bad reactions and it smells so good. It comes in a package with two whales and they last a long time. After the whale soap we tried and loved the Self Foaming Hand Wash. The kids adore the scent, My favorite is that it has no color so it's not getting all over the bathroom like some other hand soap targeted for kids . It's also very kid friendly. I find that some of the foaming pumps are hard for the kiddos to use but my 5 and 2 year old have had no problems. So far I have found the Kiss My face kids line at Target and Safeway but you can also order online. Try it... you'll like it - promise!


larajean1 said...

I used to buy "Kiss My Face" products all the time when I was single and had more disposable income. I will definitely look for them at Target.