Tuesday, November 25

Random Acts of Kindness ROCK!

I had a post in my head for today about the Alaskan Ulu but that's going to have to wait. Something happened this morning that I just have to tell everyone about.

A couple of weeks ago one of my friends wrote a post about World Kindness Day. It really made me think. I am the type of person who tries really hard to do nice things for people but sometimes life gets in the way. I made a mental note that I really needed to make more of an effort to do something just because it would make someone else smile. Then I got the call about Mom and rushed to be with her and lived in my own little world for the past week. I am spent both emotionally and physically. I didn't realize Thanksgiving was this week until K reminded me that she didn't have school on Monday. Ooops Mom of the year.

So this morning when K asked if she could please go to Starbucks I checked my wallet for cash and said sure. Anyone else feel guilty going to Starbucks when they have to put it on their debit card?

We ordered and got up to the window and the barista said it's your lucky day, the car in front of you paid for your drinks she said to tell you to have a nice day. I started crying. The lady in front of me was a complete stranger. I remember the car and I know I have never seen it before, I know I have never seen the women. I can't believe that someone said I'll pay for that person's drinks and drove away.

I felt so guilty. I tried to pay for the car behind me but would you believe there were NO cars behind me. At Starbucks at 8:00am not one car. Why is it that you feel guilty when someone does something nice for you. Like you don't deserve it.

So today I drank my coffee and it tasted better then ever and I am smiling. I don't know who you are but you made my day. You made me smile and that's been hard to come by these days. You taught my daughter a lesson in being kind and seeing what it's like to have someone do something for you just because. THANK YOU!