Monday, November 17

5 more favs

Is it Friday yet? This day has been so hectic I don't even know what time it is. I asked K what time is was and she broke out into song. I really need to get her the HSM 3 soundtrack so we can introduce a few more songs to get stuck in our head all day long. Which leads me to... more of my favs!

1. Taylor Swift's new CD Fearless - K and I bought it this weekend and one of our rules is that Mom has to listen to the whole CD first. There is something about Taylor Swift that I really like something that I never got from Miley. The songs are sweet even though she is totally boy crazy... but who wasn't at 15. So far my favs are Love Story and Fifteen. It's Mom approved.

2. Chic Critique - another website I love. The authors describe the site as "We are regular women reviewing beauty products for regular women. " So far I have bought three products based on reviews from this site this, this and this.

3. Hallmark movies - I love this time of year and all the new Hallmark movies. Have you seen the "Love Comes Softly" series? SO GOOD and something you don't have to pause when the kids come in the room. There are six movies in the saga. Set your DVR to tape them all; promise you won't regret it.

4. Friday Night Lights - 2 words... Kyle Chandler. If that wasn't enough this is the BEST show on TV even if you don't like football. The portrayal of the kids and families on this show is REAL. The dynamic between the Coach (Chandler) and his wife and daughter could happen in any American home. It's real and many times I forget they are actors. I love this show! This season is being shown on Direct TV channel 101 but will be shown on NBC next year. You still have time to get caught up! Oh and the best thing about watching on channel 101 - no commercials.

5. Quick Salsa - My neighbor gave me this quick recipe and my blender broke while making it - it was that good. Either that or the blender flipped out because I made salsa and margaritas in the same night and it didn't know what to do. It's so easy and so yummy.

2 cans of Petite Cut Diced with Zesty Jalapenos - Del Monte brand
juice from 2 limes
Mix it all in a blender

And there you have it!