Thursday, November 27

Gobble gobble fat turkey fat turkey

The title? The song that K taught B who is 2 and now sings fat turkey fat turkey all day long. I think he is trying to tell me something but I'll save that for a skinny jeans post. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are getting ready to head out of town and I was just wondering how odd I really am. According to the hubby I am very odd.

Do you clean the house before you travel?

I always clean up before we head anywhere. I can't stand coming home to a mess. I won't leave a dirty dish in the dish washer. Hubby thinks it's weird. He says wait until we get home. I want to come home and relax and not lift a finger. Am I the only one? Is it really that odd that I have spent the morning scrubbing the floor and doing laundry while watching the Thanksgiving Day parade?

I'll be back on Monday. Don't get trampled shopping on Black Friday! I can't wait to hear about all the deals you all find while I am sleeping in. Please kiddos just this once let Mommy sleep in. Pretty please.


Sue said...

No Jes, you ae NOT odd! I too am a manic cleaner before heading out the door.

Hope you had a great weekend!