Sunday, March 1

Nubar nail lacquer

Thanks to Mom Fuse I recently had the chance to try Nubar nail lacquer.

From their website: Nubar is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative, high-quality Nail Art and Nail Care products. nubar’s non-toxic line contains zero Formaldehyde, Toluene or (DBP) Phthalate. Choose from over 180 colors, 14 nail treatments, 48 colors of nail art and color changing nail lacquers.
Nubar sent me two colors "Hot Blue" and "Hot Pink".
My daughter saw the colors and was ready for a mani/pedi right away. She picked Hot pink for her fingers and Hot blue for her toes.
The first thing I noticed was the applicator was very easy to hold and use. Sometimes the part that you hold onto is too small or too large that it make putting the nail polish on difficult. Not with Nubar. The thing I like most was the scent or rather lack of scent. Yes, it smelled like nail polish when you opened the bottle but there was no lingering scent. The hubby couldn't even tell that we had used nail polish something that he usually points out right away.

The color in the bottle was very true to the color that came out on the nails. I only had to use one coat for my daughter. The best thing about the Nubar nail lacquer was the drying time. I painted her fingers nails first and they were totally dry by the time I finished her toes. VERY NICE for use on kids who love to squirm and aren't willing to sit down for too long, or for the Mom on the go who only has a couple minutes to get some color on those nails.

Overall I was very impressed with the Nubar nail lacquer and can't wait to try some colors of the 180 colors.

You can purchase Nubar nail Lacquer on their website.


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