Monday, December 8

Nix - All Star socks

I'll admit it, I am not too fond of shopping for little boys clothes. I envy the selection in the little girls department. Row after row of everything and anything and then tucked away in the corner a few racks of blue, brown and maybe green. I am beginning to learn that shopping online for my little man is a must. He needs color, he needs style, he needs socks.

When I got my sample of Nix All Star socks in the mail I was so excited. Yes excited about socks. I had gone to their website when I first heard about the company and I saw all the colors and selection and the cute sporty styles and couldn't wait to put some on B's tasty toddler toes.

I opened the package and right away I was surprised. How cute are these!

I was a little bit worried about the size 2-7 with B being almost a 7; but look at the size compared to my most recent one size fits all at Target
The first thing you notice when you pick up these socks is how soft they are. I mean really, really soft. The bottom foot part of the sock has more padding then the rest. Just perfect!

My favorite thing about these socks... in two days of wearing them not once did they fall off. Not one time. B didn't even try to take them off! WOW. These are definitely on my must purchase list.

I only wish they had them in girls sizes so I could get some for K too. If you have a little girl you must check out the adorable girly colors. AND if you go to Nix right now it says FREE SHIPPING to U.S. and Canada!