Wednesday, December 3

Buy something, win something, find something new

How cool is this? Someone bought something from one of the sites I posted just because they read about it on my site. Love it! I am having so much fun sharing some of my favorite things with y'all.

Now its time to share some more blogs with you. This week I have a theme. Well kind of sort of maybe. Here are a few of my favorite shopping/contest/giveaway/new stuff blogs.

And to one of my dear friends - yep more shopping site for you. Tell your hubby not to get too mad at me when the credit card bill comes in.

Bloggy Giveaways - Every day a new giveaway. Every day another chance to win. Even if you don't win almost every post includes some type of discount for the company sponsoring the giveaway.

Goody Blog - contests, crafts and cool stuff!

Cool Mom Picks - a new contest everyday and links to some of the cutest stuff on the web. Geared towards those with younger kids but every now at then you find a gem like Lesser Evil Christmas Coal. I know what Unc is getting this year.


Mom To Three said...

Okay, a little sick and twisted but how funny would my kid's faces be if they looked in their stockings and found this coal. LOL