Monday, December 15

I'm here to help

I try my best to be a good listener, a good friend and give great advice. So here you go a little unsolicited advice for the week.
  • Do NOT and I repeat do not under any circumstances go to Wal-Mart on a Saturday in December. I don't care how cheap their prices are. I don't care that you haven't been grocery shopping in two weeks. DO NOT go near a Wal-Mart unless you want to navigate your way through 20 carts in each aisle, listen to rude people complaining about not being able to find something. Hello people what do you think the Internet is for... get a blog!
  • Remind me to read the bullet above next week when I need to get the fixings for Christmas dinner.
  • Before you order Christmas cards count how many people you have to send them to and don't forget to ask Hubby how many he needs for work. Paying shipping twice is not fun.
  • When you go to the post office on Dec 15 at 8:20am to be in line when the post office opens at 8:30am be sure to make sure you have your wallet with you and it's not sitting at home next to computer where you left it when you ordered more cards. (see above)
  • When you decide to host Christmas Eve and Christmas remember how small your house is and that you only have 13 chairs in the whole house and there is NO WAY you can fit 20 people at your dining room table. What the heck am I going to do???
  • When trying to preoccupy a 5 year old with face paint remember that the red face paint is a little harder to wash off then the rest. So you might not want to paint a Rudolph nose on a Sunday night when the kiddo has school in the morning.

I sure hope my advice helps you because it's been a long weekend round here.