Saturday, February 14

My Magical World

Thanks to Mom Fuse we received the My Magical World DVD to review. From their website My Magical World uses colorful character to encourage young viewers to read. Each DVD also contains a full color 32 page companion book along with bonus features.

When we started the DVD I was impressed by all the options. You could add sign language to the story, there were song, and A Rhyme Time game of Who am I. My daughter wanted to play the game first. It was fun for her. A poem was read that describes something and she needed to guess what it was and after she guessed (a lion) the narrator talked all about lion. My 2 year old ran around screaming LION LION. The kids had a lot of fun playing this game.

My 2 year old liked the stories but my 5 year old got a little bored after a few minutes. She found it a little hard to follow because some of the characters were hard to understand and she can’t quiet read to follow along in the book. My 2 year old wanted to keep watching. He really liked Sammy the Book Jumper.

There are also some songs to listen to. Again my 2 year old loved them but my 5 year old had never heard them and they didn’t capture her attention. The Bubble Song was B's favorite.

I think the age limit on this may be a little more toward the lower range of the 2-6 that the DVD advertises for.

For more information on My Magical World you can go to their website at