Monday, February 23

Little Miss Matched

When I first heard about Little Miss Matched I thought what I great idea for socks and they are so cute. Then I went out to their website and found out they are more then just socks. There are pj's, bedding, flips flop (SO CUTE!), furniture, accessories, books, toys and even things for Mom and Dad.
What you have never heard of Little Miss Matched? Look around... make sure the kids are out of the room... if not you are going to hear "Oh MOMMY I want that... look how cute... those are MUST haves Mom". Or maybe that's just my 5 year old fashion diva.

Little Miss Matched's philosophy is "nothing matches but anything goes!" Thanks to Mom Fuse we recently had the opportunity to try the Girls Marvelous fuzzy socks. You're probably thinking cute a pair of socks... but there is more. Instead of a pair of socks you get 3 socks that are miss-matched (get it?) but all 3 go together perfectly. You can pick any combination of the 3 to wear together.

My daughter got hers just in time for Valentine's Day and she was so excited to show them off. She had to put them on the second I opened the package. The girl is all about the fuzzy socks. The thing that stood out to me was that they didn't fall down. My daughter has lots of fuzzy socks that tend to slip down, fall off or get stuck in the bottom of her shoes. These socks are so cute! K was pulling up her pants leg all day to show off her socks. She has worn her socks every chance she has had and already sent the website to Nana in hopes that they can get matching Miss Matched fuzzy socks and these tights. Don't tell her but Mommy is getting some too and maybe some of those cute flip flops